Sara Wallace Art HandsMy art is all about process. I build up layers of paint to break up the ‘perfection’ of a smooth canvas. Each brush stroke and colour choice is a reaction to what has come before. My paintings are intuitive and informed by the thoughts and feelings generated by my worldly experiences. As a result, my portfolio features a range of styles and colours. Each work is a snapshot of the artist in time. As a series it reveals the fluidity and lingering of emotion.

I grew up in a family of landscape painters and the smell of oil paints brings back memories of my youth. My own artistic pursuant however, have tended towards the abstract. I remember the first time I viewed work of Ellsworth Kelly. I was stopped in my tracks by his use of colour and form and remember thinking that anything was possible. To this day, when I need an artistic reboot, I seek out Kelly.

I live and work in Ottawa, Ontario and have been working with acrylic paints for over a decade.  Painting is an act of freedom and experimentation for me. Each canvas follows its own unique path to completion.