Creative Life Coaching and Healing Services

Using coaching and energy healing modalities I  help clients strengthen their inner compass to create a life that is built on all their skills, talents, and passion; a life that is balanced head and heart.

There comes a time in life when we are all called in a new direction. For those us in the midst of successful thinking-based careers, a creative, heart and spirit led career feels risky and vulnerable. 

Your creative drive is no longer content with the status quo. It is asking you to prioritize it. Your creativity is calling you out of your comfort zone. 

And there it is. This calling is making you uncomfortable and yet not answering the call is just as uncomfortable.

Why is it uncomfortable? You have invested in your career and have prioritized other things for so long that, like raising a family, that following your heart feels selfish. You have responsibilities, dependants, and mortgages. Why would you change things up now?

This calling is asking you to take a chance, have faith, and transform. With that comes anxiety and doubt.

I know these feelings well. I have heard the Creative Call and had to make the choice: embrace it or silence it.  Exploring and navigating this call isn’t easy. It can be a challenge to manage fear,  anxiety, and outside expectations while trying to build a new foundation for yourself.  This is not a journey you have to make alone.

Are you ready to honour your calling? Do you have the curiosity to explore it? 

Whether your response is a courageous "Hell, Yes!" or a curious "Let's see where this could go", I offer clients a structured space within which to explore their calling and how it manifests in their life.  

Courage, Faith, Curiosity
Following my calling has lead to a life that is balanced with an active studio practice and a business supporting others looking to prioritize their creativity. 


Twenty years ago at the beginning of my career with the Government of Canada you wouldn’t have guessed I was an artist. 

I haven't always identified as a creative person.  As a young person, I would have said art and using my imagination were fun things to do- in fact I didn’t think about why I did it, I just tended in that direction. In my broader world, the emphasis was on academic achievement and I ended up in a career as a Public Servant with the Government of Canada which leveraged my knowledge and strategic thinking abilities.  But here is the reality after years of go go go I was mentally exhausted.  Through the haze of heightened emotions that mental exhaustion brought I heard the call- it is time to dive deep into your creativity. It is time to get out of your head.  The limited time I had to create just wasn’t cutting it. The six week sabbatical I took from work to attend an artist residency wasn’t fruitful or satisfying. 

Deciding to prioritize creativity wasn’t any easy decision. I knew intuitively it was necessary but I also had to review and organize the rest of my life to prioritize my creative pursuits. Hard questions had to be asked, challenging conversations with loved ones were had. 


    Rediscover your courage and follow your calling.

    Sara is trained as a Co-Active Coach and brings her strong intuition to every session. Working with the client, sessions are designed to use the gifts, talents, and wisdom of clients to navigate the creative process and life change.

    If you are curious about my services and what I have to offer, you can schedule a complementary 20 minute sample session.


    If you are paralyzed by a creative calling and the notion of making a heart led life change. I can help.

    A Creative Calling doesn't always come with a road map. You have a clear calling about what to create, but what does that mean for the rest of your life? This is where I come in. Coaching is all about you. I am here to create the structure through which you will create a clear vision for yourself, move through obstacles, and create a value and goal based foundation to guide you.

    Working together, we will:

    • Unpack your vision and clarify what you really want
    • Identify what success means to you
    • Create strategies for managing fears and busting through limiting beliefs
    • Identify aligned actions to move you forward in your creative life
    • Address challenges of the creative process and life change


    I work with men and women who are motivated to explore their creative potential and embrace the possibilities of life change.


    A 20 Minute Sample Session is the beginning of our coaching relationship. The purpose of this session is to to hear where you are in your exploration, share my approach, and start giving you clarity. 

    Our on-going coaching relationship, is focused on exploring the vision you have for your creative life and designing a plan to move you closer to that vision.


    Supporting the Creative Mind, Body and Soul

    In addition to coaching services, Sara practices a number of different healing modalities that help clients integrate and process the changes they make to their lives. These services may be integrated in a coaching package or they can stand alone.

    As creatives, we are constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone- exploring our voice and depths. We ask a lot of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. These bodies are affected by the  streams of emotions we experience: the rush of completing a work or anxiety of sharing it. Our commitment to being creative can be demanding on the body. 

    Sara is trained in a number of healing modalities that support creative flow through the physical and energetic bodies. Whether you are looking to address a specific issue that is holding you back or looking to optimize your connection to the source of your creativity, Sara will work with you to identify the appropriate treatment.

    Contact Sara to book an appointment or for more information on these services.